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Company Information yabo1000 vip, Ltd was established in year 2004, we take advantage of advanced machinery, excellent management and special know-how to engage in the production of fiberglass insulation material and sound absorption element and industrial hightech textiles for the protection against temperature up to approx. 1600oc, such as fiberglass texturized yarn, twisted rope, braided packing ,fiberglass cloth as well as coated fabric with aluminum foil, sili..

Your satisfactory is our emotion, we are pleased to work with our customers together to solve every problem of thermal insulation and sound absorption, and we have great confidence to meet..


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Texturizing process
Texturizing process 2018-02-05

The roving is introduced to the texturizing machine(air jet), which breaks the surface fibers at random under the effect of compressed air. That gives the roving a bulkier appearance. Then the texturiz...